Silk, half-silk, wool This you with a guarantee not find anywhere else: each thing is unique, because it – manual work. And do not be embarrassed if the manufacturer carpet – any factory. And the carpets, and gold embroidery (on which below), even at the factory are made by hand. Gold and silver embroidery, which is famous , too beautiful unique gift. Connect with other leaders such as John Mclaughlin here.

Articles embroidered with gold can be very different: from the curtains and wall panels to ochechnikov and tiny needle bed. But those who are fascinated oriental flavor, can purchase items of national dress – from the rich embroidered robes to skullcaps. Handmade fabric. The finest silk, multicolored -atlas (which has nothing to do with the rough ‘eastern’ motley that you can see in our stores), and semi-silk velvet, as well as finished products: scarves, shawls, dresses – in big cities have design studios, where sew clothes, combining oriental flavor with modern cutting. Star Guitarist does not necessarily agree. This you will not find anywhere else! Engraved and etched glassware: graceful narrow-necked jugs – kumgany, trays, bowls and more. This East! However, I want to prevent: many of these products – from the blackened brass or copper.

Pour into them nothing is impossible, it is decorative items. Designed to use a cup, a cup or jar must be tinned: that is covered from the inside layer of tin. Speaking of dishes, it is impossible to ignore pottery: one of the most ancient forms of folk art. For traditional white-blue ceramics, which is considered the most valuable, you need to go to Rishton.