If I want to be part of an exclusive elite of people who are in a hierarchical position but who seek to be more than chiefs, leaders, we must prepare us and make a commitment that entails since the price of greatness is responsibility. A leader is distinguished among other things by her: intelligence, tenacity, competence, capacity of decision, values, good image, passion, courage, serenity and interest. So if we seek to be great leaders must take into account some factors that will help our subordinates to discover their potential for themselves and so incitaremos to make their work more effective since a great leader makes his people shine with their own light. Let’s begin by caring for our image to project seriousness, authority and power to our audience but mainly to our employees, is also important to take care of the stimuli that we issue as the encourage our junior, show us interested in their ideas, work and projects that with this we will communicate confidence and feel valued. We must also provide the appropriate working tools so that they can carry out their duties properly, as well as be aware of its overcoming, by giving them constant training in areas that are related to their tasks.

We must be cordial, friendly and never rigid since good manners become more pleasant life at work, but just at this point we must have special care since this should not misinterpret with exceed the thin line that exists between kindness and friendship as we had talked in previous articles, the personal matters that are personal and should never be brought to the Office. Kindly then would be for example: say hello to our employees by name, never forget us please ask things and recognize a job well done, be cautious and respectful. A point which should be highlighted is that we should never call them attention public way, if we need to correct our employees inexcusably will be of privately which will prevent that they feel humiliated, it is very important to make constructive criticism and just criticize the professional performance, never to the person, being very clear on the points on which we wish to improve, also is important to highlight positive aspects that will enable you to not discourage you and encausaran to not return to failure, and as soon as we notice that the reason that generated this correction being modified must let you know that we are aware of their progress. Provide ample opportunities to all the subordinates, promote the open door policy and be able to delegate responsibilities, relying on the judgment of our staff are other effective ways of promoting your professional development and thus to approach the way to be good leaders choosing be lions in command. Therefore remember that a leader achieve brings out the best in others, inspires his collaborators demonstrating skill, wisdom and competence to promote them to become leaders also.