24-Hour home care rather than nursing home? How have you made the night of your life? Would you rather spend it within your own four walls, where you have many memories of your children, family life and happy birthdays, or want to go to a retirement home, where you are surrounded by strange and old people? A German proverb says that a father can feed five children, five children not a father. This proverb is true also in the area of care for the elderly. Add to your understanding with Martin O’Malley. If a parent is reliant, find it usually very difficult family members, to assume the care itself, because the spouse, children and the working life consume a great deal of time. But how is this compatible with a dignified retirement of the parent? Retirement homes bring some benefits, such as a professional care, age-based beds, a general furniture, which is designed for old people, chefs, which take care of the creature comforts and a number of recreational activities. However, homes are still not popular. Old people feel here often with other old corralled and turned off to die.

The nurses are often overwhelmed with the amount of care and the entire nursing home is understaffed for cost reasons. In addition, reasonably comfortable homes are very expensive. The long-term care insurance payments by far not sufficient so that the family legacy and usually much, much more for a satisfactory housing is required. This circumstance be charged not only the members of the family, but also increasingly lose the care recipient who are feeling more and more as a burden as a result and therefore the will to live. A domestic care is cheaper, comes with more panache and helps to keep the to carers in their homes. The alternative to a nursing home is a professional caregiver from Eastern Europe. This move into the home of your parents and to guarantee as a 24-hour care. These women see their homeland despite technical Training a fair paid job and come to Germany, because here more and more old people must be supervised by fewer and fewer young people.

Such a caregiver costs usually between 1,500-2,000 and allows your family to remain in their familiar environment. Here they feel comfortable, know each other and know the neighbors. A as far as an independent and dignified life as possible enables by the heavy things of everyday life for them to be done. The current trend is clearly away from nursing homes and to the personal care home. Around 70% of the currently stands at 2.5 million care comes to enjoy of this luxury. This is mainly because a single nurse has plucking legend, which is responsible only to him. As a result, a personal bond can arise and quickly overcome the initial feeling of charm. The nurse can take time to play board games with your family members together to cook or to read together. A friendship can arise and provide new life energy. In addition, money is saved, so that the family not zerstreitet because of the care and the beloved parent raises no financial problems and in his skin can feel also.