Numerous New Features

DVDFab became Qt ‘ 3D Blu-ray SBS’ new feature and DVDFab Qt was released many other improvements on August 8, 2011 with numerous new features and fixes. In all updates the new option is most notable to the 3D Blu-ray SBS “convert” in Blu-ray Copy, with which user 3D Blu-ray to SBS 3D BD (side-by-side, comparing 3D) can convert for playback on stand alone 2D player and 3D TV. In addition, DVDFab Qt supports hybrid-disc and new Java-based copy protection. 3D home cinema with SBS 3D BD enjoy DVDFab Blu-ray Copy SBS fully supports Qt version 3D-BD from this It can help users to copy Blu-ray 3D BD 50, BD 25, BD-9 or BD 5 in the SBS 3D format. Click Novelist to learn more. The SBS Edition 3D BD can be play on stand alone 2D player or playback on 3D TV with great 3D effect.

With this new feature, the user can own 3D to create home cinema without 3D-Player! Highlights of DVDFab Qt support for hybrid disc as DVD/HD-DVD or DVD/Blu-ray added. Conversion speed improved and updated VSO burning engine. Improved logic for “region”in ask DVD copy and Blu-ray Copy, now the user is asked only if really needed. The new option “convert to 3D Blu-ray SBS”, as well as added support for new Java-based protection. The problem of DVD Ripper and Blu-ray ripper could be played that converted MP4 file on the PS3 with latest firmware has been fixed. Fixed the problem of Blu-ray to DVD converter, that title with less than 2 minutes could not be converted.

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