If you are starting an Internet business, or thinking about starting one, one of the things that I recommend is to create your own electronic newsletter by voluntary subscription. This is so because an electronic newsletter is a very effective marketing strategy to gain the loyalty of your subscribers. Among the many advantages that a newsletter you reported is one that is, in my opinion, the most important: position yourself to your subscribers as an authority on the subject. Yes, because not only is sending promotion after promotion to your list. You have to give them content, quality content, that may be of interest to your Subscriber.

Subscriber as well, in the singular. Everyone likes to feel unique and although, in the background, your subscriber knows that that mail many more people, will receive it if you go to him by name, this will make you feel unique, important. When you create your marketing list, you must promote your bulletin among your subscribers. I’ll give a recommendation of how you can do this: one of the forms It would show them an example of your best articles. But the key to this lies in deleting the part of the article, the most important of course, so that you can create in them sufficient curiosity to get your subscription. Another way is to create a nini-course (e), for example, 7 lessons that have relationship with the subject matter that try your list, your business. Once you have created, within a directory in your Web site, loads the messages in your auto-respondedor and you’re sending them at a rate of one per day.

Don’t forget to include, at the end of each of the lessons, an ad inviting them to subscribe to your newsletter. You could do a mini sales letter to sell the subscription to your newsletter. You should index that page, that of the mini-curso, in some of the portals and directories that provide information about courses and training. I give some examples: * * there are many more, you should just do a Google search to locate those that may be more interesting for you. I advise you also index it in some existing for bulletins directory as, for example, by putting a link that points to that page where you promote your (or any other resource you use to promote your newsletter) can do also partnerships with editors of other newsletters or other entrepreneurs on the network. One way of doing this would be giving them permission to offer subscription to your newsletter as a gift voucher. One more thing: No indexes in Google leaves that find you if only., when you have some links pointing to your page, this will improve the position you will get. Remember: to make this work, you must take action. Do not stay only with theory. At the beginning it will be somewhat complicated, but you’ll see as you slowly get it. You’ll see as you discover a writer inside you that you did not know nor that it existed.