My Skype Plan

In this way a woman will find a lot of discoveries. And it opens up a lot in itself. Read this amazing story about Daria Fedorova – the mother of two wonderful kids. And guess what? And I think that Dasha will not stop and will become even more spectacular and businesswoman in the future. Quote of the Week: Any change paves the way for other changes.

Niccolo Machiavelli. Answers to reader questions: Rules weekend. On Friday I had a lot of plans for the weekend, but on Saturday I do not feel the strength of all this. And just read, eat, get out the maximum in the movie. Assignments for self-development delayed as I can. I think many of these problems.

How to plan a weekend, so they do not down in the gap? M, 24 years old. Response. Rest is an art – and we mean first of all we as a chance to break away, or an additional resource for self-development. The art is to: 1. Relax 2. Recharge 3. Perhaps you enjoy, plan to do on the weekend, missing phase recovery forces, which is why so difficult to implement his plan. So the first thing you need to relax – that is to define zone stress and stagnation and to organize a relaxing and stress to them. If the work is intellectual and sedentary, you need to free your mind from work and create work for areas not involved in the work – for example, go to pool or a massage. This is the first thing to plan for the weekend. Your passive recreation reading books and movies – not right for you, because you do not change the voltage zones. It should be planned as the final phase – Phase pleasures. After relaxation to recuperate. Our life force is located at the physical, emotional and mental levels and recovery needs to be done so complex. Listen yourself, think of situations in which you are experiencing a burst of energy, effervescent generate ideas and willing to empathize with and care about others. There lies the secret of your recuperation. Here we must be careful – perhaps a walk in the alone will give you more recovery than a family trip to visit. Informed recuperation will give you energy and to work on yourself. And when you relax and rejuvenate – you can do that brings You pleasure, self-improvement, socializing with friends, going to the movies. Plan in the light of these rules, and two days off will be an exciting adventure and will last much longer than 48 hours! Good luck!