Not every stirring of the flesh (especially submitted by the public) is that sincerity, which is expected in this self-literature. " And it becomes clear that in fact the excellent literary taste Boris Krieger and his high moral values can provide important lessons not only to the reading public, but the writing fraternity. So if you suddenly seem that some thought and idea of the author could criticize it is better to read the following books, or read again comprehending – and find the answer to his "criticism". For example, in "Kitchen Philosophy" Canadian dreamer "shows the way, where should move to the modern world. And gives in general an optimistic forecast. And the author informed the forecast is not good news. At the very least, gives forward to continuing a relatively calm development of civilization: " better to take the existing situation as a sign of manifestation of freedom and the approaching maturity of modern society." Thus, our civilization – Teen Maybe I will not argue. This view of modern human civilization – a very optimistic and encouraging, saying that all is not lost But if you think about – and what an adult will increase from child, whose mother-nature of the first years of life (a couple of millennia), forced to survive and struggle for existence? As the saying goes: "It is identified!" (Ukrainian) – "That's just it!" On the other hand, once Mother Nature with Auntie-programmed human history to fight, then blissful life in the electronic state, described by Boris Krieger, for many would be too boring and inadequate for their violent nature.