Leafleting the most inexpensive and quick-impact advertising campaign. Advertising campaign is organized to promote a product or service in a particular market segment, which runs by the manufacturer. The main resource promotion is a promo staff. After casting, which our advertising agency Worldpromo conducts free training conducted promotional staff. To the customer’s advertising campaign was most effective to pick the best promoters to share.

Promoters – young men and women with experience in carrying out promotion actions. With the distribution of leaflets can arrange for expedited flow of goods, to tell shoppers about current special offer. When it comes to handing out leaflets, that promoters should be as expressive, because they are given little time to contact with consumers, as distribution of leaflets is usually near subway stations, shops, exhibitions and presentations, public places. Mass distribution of leaflets to passers-well-proven method of promoting a product or service to market, allowing as soon as possible to familiarize potential customers with products not only auditory, but also visually. Visitor activities, received a leaflet in a relaxed atmosphere can come back to reflect on your proposal, which voiced our promoters, handing leaflets. In our ad agency work, students of Moscow universities that require part.

There are the usual promoters, boys and girls, there is a promo model and model. The models are beautiful boys and girls have not only the skills of presentation and charm to communicate, but good looks and skill shows. No matter what you choose to staff on their promotions share all of our staff has a general character, is able to correctly build your speech, be active and hardy. If you want to involve in stock models, podium models, work with our advertising agency you will be pleased to double! Faces of our models are the same as the leading model agencies in Moscow, and prices are lower. We are pleased to provide promotional staff for various exhibitions, whether it’s advertising campaign on exhibition or work at the booth. Our experience allows us to provide various promotional services from handing out leaflets promoters to work leading to the presentation at the highest level. In the market of advertising services our advertising Worldpromo agency works with December 2000. During this time we have accumulated vast experience of successful advertising, promotional actions! We will be happy to use it for the benefit of promoting products and projects of your company! Your advertising agency Worldpromo. Are pleased to offer you prices at the crisis promotion. As promotions in stores and at trade shows.