There are ways to convince applying NLP.A model of belief in NLP is contained within the so-called Metaprogramas…, which are filters that we normally use to perceive things not we can pay attention to all reality reality happens through a series of filters of our perception that just leaves some things happen and others filters out them. With this computer of NLP (conviction models) you can achieve convincing others. There are generally two aspects that have to do with the way in which a person is convinced of something. The first aspect is through what channel the information the second aspect gets is how handles the information, the way that handles the information once you receive it. The first aspect of this computer of NLP is related to channel some people to be convinced of something need to see evidence are Visual people who mostly use the visual representative system as we saw in the preferred representative systems of other NLP need to hear what you are saying to be convinced. Other such time required to read some writing, some report that shows them what they need some decidedly need to do to convince of anything in particular. These aspects of NLP can be used in a sales situation, for example if you want to sell a product to a client, the question is which tests need a client to be convinced of the benefits of this product? how is it we can show in a manner optimized for your own preferred way of seeing the world, so that purchase the product? For this purpose there is a little investigate achieve Rapport with the client, calibrate it, what are their favorite representative systems is mostly visual? do use words? mostly predicates Visual, auditory or kinesthetic? Another application is to learn a job or teach something to someone how could the other person learn this task faster and better? A visual person as it raises the neurolinguistic programming, learn more easily a work if it shows you how to do it.A person mostly kinesthetic action, need to put hands to work and learn doing it directly.

The second aspect of this computer in the PNLse regard to mode, i.e., how the person handled the information, once you have it. For this purpose following a little with the examples above, it is knowing how to present the information.Some people need the evidence, show them a certain amount of times, two, three times or more until they are convinced of something. I.e. are they convinced, if several examples are shown, or repeats them information sometimes slightly varying form and not the substance of the matter. Other people don’t need much information, observed some things, imagine the rest and decide quickly and make it. Some people are not convinced never IE need each day convinced.They are convinced today and it is likely that tomorrow need tests to convince themselves. Others require a period of time, perhaps a few days, a month before convinced of something. Large companies uses today NLP, and specifically some of these aspects of the neuro-linguistic programming, to be able to motivate, explain and convince employees to conduct certain tasks, either professional sellers use it to be able to sell more and better. Starts today same to train yourself and improve your life by applying NLP you subscribe to our website and get two free E-Books with techniques of NLP and an Extra gift! Original author and source of the article