Marcelo Gonalves Pear

The Costs of not-Planning Marcelo Gonalves Pear tree Engineer of Production email: To produce is very important, but to produce without planning is to give one & ldquo; shot in p& rdquo;. The factors that take a company or one definitive sector are several not to plan its production. The principle, we break of the culture of the not-analysis of the situation or cause and leave directly for the action, generating continuously what we call & ldquo; it erases incndio& rdquo;. To if even though coming across with an extra demand or known demands already, instead of if planning the production more good to take care of it, immediately, the adopted position is of if to carry through a force task to be able to deliver the product in the stated period waked up with the customer, leaving stops all backwards a planning concept that if applied well, would save the teams of work overloads and discomforts with other areas of the company. Author understood the implications. On the basis of the described one above, I enumerate below what I understand as being the main ones costs generated for the not-planning of the actions.

They are: 1 & ndash; For not being planned of adjusted form, the work if becomes extensive in surplus, generating of this form unnecessary hours for its execution; 2 & ndash; For if becoming extensive, the work also becomes onerous, tiring, with low productivity and considerable idleness. The team does not feel itself motivated in carrying through it, generating loss of time and loss of time is loss of money; 3 & ndash; The cost of the calculated risk is not another factor to consider. Very short stated periods, unavailable tools of work and bad sizing of the team for the execution of the work, provoke the delay, deliver of the product or service with me the quality or even though the delivery of the product, not being able to generate of this form, discredit on the part of the customer in relation to the image of the company.