Combination prokseronina and other biochemical compounds is defined and different ratios, depending on how much the disruption of normal balance. I've been getting messages about how noni has helped reduce the negative symptoms experienced by aids patients. But I also received information from people pointing out that after they began drinking Noni juice in their blood there was a significant increase in the number of T-cells. I believe that this is associated with the process described in the work of Dr. Ralph Heinicke (see Xeronine and regeneration of cells, "which describes how xeronine helps to increase the number of T-cells. According to his theory, when combined with prokseronin prokseroninazoy, formed rejuvenating cell substance known as xeronine.

Rejuvenated by T-cells of the body becomes better able to fight disease and maintain their functionality. In my survey, 56 percent of the 105 people who consumed noni juice to reduce the symptoms of aids, reported some successful results. Those who reported positive results have used an average of 3.5 ounces (about 100 ml) Noni juice a day. "They say those who helped noni. Lonnie Moggi (Lonnie Mogil): I want to share an incredible story. I was hiv positive in February 1989, fortunately without any symptoms. I tried not to take any medicine against aids. In late 1996, the concentration of T-cells in my blood started to decline and for two months, fell to below 400.

I strongly recommend to have to start taking medication. December 1, 1996, I started drinking noni juice. My friend insisted that I drink noni juice to improve healing, since Dec.