New Year – a time when a person decides to start a new life. In the past year, goes the old with its problems and failures. And we look forward to the new year, expecting that now, we're just going to live differently, we live better. There statistics, which says in terms of figures – each year in early January, most people greatly perplexed with their health and begin to actively attend gyms and fitness centers. Compared with a year departing, the level of their visit is greatly increased, however by early February, attendance rocking and fitness centers, descends to the level last year. You want to become material for these statistics? What you need to do that would actually start a new life. To begin to understand why so often our desire not to implement a new life, what mistakes we admit? And get all of the force of habit. Yes, yes, the habits we have managed and respectively, which would start a new life – we need new habits! Everything is so simple.

However, to develop new habits, is beyond the power of the majority. You want to be an exception? Really want to start a new life? Then, you just understand a few simple mistakes that will help you overcome the force of old habits and form new ones, as well as set ourselves very ambitious targets and achieve them. 1: Reassessment of its opportunities. Here, in general, everything is clear. Most people can not and do not want to see my real, not fictional, resources and opportunities that these resources provide.