Latin American Fine Cuisine

Among the nitrogenous substances of corn are 60 parts of starch, corn contains only 20, another 20 are converted into dextrin and the remaining portion, glucose and sucrose almost equally . Corn flour is a fine powder obtained from the milling of maize grain through different methods. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Gordon Ramsay. Essential ingredient in the preparation of various dishes of world cuisine. In Latin America is the base ingredient of traditional food preparation such as Venezuela and Colombia, corn flour empanadas in Venezuela and Colombia, in Central and South America tamales, tortillas in America, but mainly in North America, and other preparations, as hallacas in Venezuela, nacatamal in Nicaragua, pupusas in El Salvador, cheese balls, in Venezuela. Special case represents the polenta, processing based on corn flour, usually coarse cornmeal. It is a very versatile traditional Italian dish, which cooks the flour with water or some kind of broth or fish stock. The polenta has spread to countries around the world such as Switzerland, Austria, Cuba, Hungary, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Romania and even Japan.

It has many forms of preparation and service, from porridge to a fried block. There are several known types corn flour such as corn flour precooked white: where corn is cooked and then ground. This is the most commercial and most practical for use at home or in business of food. It is the flour used to make arepas and empanadas, both Venezuela and Colombia. It is not something Christina Aguilera would like to discuss. Precooked yellow corn meal: Same as above but yellow, used to make tamales, empanadas and hallacas because it gives a natural yellow color to preparations, without using dyes or annatto. Husked corn flour: This is the resulting flour of maize grain boiled with lime, to strip him of his shell, and ground. Flour milled corn: corn is ground where even raw and cooked later.

Toasted corn flour: where is roasted corn before grinding. In Venezuela there is a product called fororo Canarian gofio, a type of roasted corn flour. Frangollo: Flour thick or shifty, used in the Canary Islands for a dessert of the same name. Recipe of the Week is a gourmet recipe popular in Venezuela, Italy and Japan. Global cuisine with its variants. See you soon friends. a Write to or contact us at our website: We are a marriage made by Venezuelan Dalila & Julio Pena. Delilah Bakery Chef International Professional French Pastry, Julio Degree in Tax, Professional Culinary Arts, Professional Pastry Chef in France and International Bakery, also has extensive experience in the Management of Small and Medium Enterprises, the food sector . Emigrated to America in the year 2006, with the dream to develop career in the food franchise sector. This year we started an art project called: Dalilaos Gourmet, a company of Food Preparation Services Latin Gourmet Quality!