However, for those who prefer active rest, is not quite convenient time applied to the skin needed sunscreen. It is much easier when all the necessary procedure can be done after the morning and evening shower, and maybe re-apply protective agent once or twice during the day. It turns out to be optimal to choose a remedy, the most convenient to use and effective for the skin. In its range of body care brand GUAM and offers sun-line, which is in harmony with the sea water and sun, and will be a great addition to summer recreation. Usually, choosing a sunscreen, we consider only the features of your skin – whether it is sensitive to sunlight. But during the first days at sea to choose funds with maximum protection, then the day after 2 – 3, or a means to apply a lower index of SPF, or use the old, but apply it frequently (for example, only after 11 hours of the day when the sun becomes more and more burning.) Laboratory of LACOTE designed universal-Sunscreen lotion for the body, which, depending on the number of application, allows for the protection factor of 6 to 15 (available in standard packaging – 200ml and travel-format – 30 ml). This cream-milk does not cause any discomfort, stickiness or greasy, allows skin to breathe freely, easy to apply. As you know, one of the cosmetic problems stay in the sun is the appearance of the face, the corners eye, the so-called "crow's feet." This mesh of wrinkles occurs because the skin around the eyes is especially delicate, and the first to suffer from the bright sun. .