To deads it is necessary to bury them And to the banks in problems? Buenos Aires, Argentina 10 of March of 2009 Samuel Beckett before dying with much fury said: " It is almost impossible today in Europe to die with dignity, unless one is pobre". If it had not died twenty years ago, the Atlantic would be crossed and would see that either is not possible. The American bank that had to break, does not want to die with dignity, but to live unworthily, with the government of the United States cleaning to him of its balance the toxic engendros that they themselves imprudently structured. But the Republicans were satiated and demand the closing of the banks in problems. The Republican senators John McCain and Richard Shelby said the weekend that the government of the United States would have to allow that some of the great American banks close their doors, while they demand the bankruptcy of General Motors (NYSE: GM), another powerful vacuum cleaner. Shelby, the Republican of more rank in the Banking Committee of the Senate of the United States it said to the television network ABC: " Cirrenlos, allows that they stop doing negocios" , and it ended: " if they are dead there is enterrarlos". It did not mention which would be the organizations to his to seem that they had to close, but named to Citigroup (NYSE: C) because he had been always " problemtico". The Senator John McCain, ex- – opponent of Barack Obama in the last presidential elections in the USA, said that the ineffective banks had to close, and attacked against General Motors, expressing that the best thing than could happen to him is the bankruptcy, to acquire major solidity and to transform themselves into " more fort, better and in one more a version reducida".