Islamic Republic

You are arrested, threatened and intimidated. Reports must faithfully fail lines. Although the Islamic Republic of Iran of also the human rights has signed conventions of the United Nations, representatives of the regime in the Iran of massive injuries that always back out to respect human rights by claiming Yes human rights squirm, but the Islamic and the West have no idea and should stay out. For other opinions and approaches, find out what idt energy has to say. It may be that the West has no idea, what ‘Islamic human rights”are, and the organizers had invited a proven Koran experts and connoisseurs of the Islamic penal system to the event. Dr. Seyed M. Azmayesh, living longer as 36 years in French exile and observed the hustle and bustle of the bearded revolutionaries in the Iran, regularly writes articles on the nature of the regime, the ideological manipulation of Khomeinisten in the teachings of Islam and the relevance of all of these operations for Europe and the rest of the world.

Azmayeshs designs revealed that there is not such thing as special “Islamic human rights” and is from a serious study of the Koran and other sources do not derive can be. Human rights are universal. The regime in the Iran used only a bogus argument to say the West “don’t get involved, you don’t know you out with our Holy Islam, we have our own world.” Behind it is the attempt of the regime in the Iran Western States to deter too closely on the crimes of the regime on its own people looking – instead prefer the tempting deals with Iran. Do so because some gamblers who care not one whit about human rights and have – imprinted with dollar signs in their eyes at the expense of people’s lives in the Iran and the future of the Middle East, if not globalized world all over. Honest merchants are not. The exhibition to Iran included some historical highlights, information in Word and image to the ethnic and religious diversity in the Iran, the reality of the regime for 33 years, some violations of human rights and prospects for the future.