International Freights

With the acirramento of the international competition, the fidelizao of customers in the market of agency of international freights is a very important subject for the companies of this sector, since its customers are each time less fidiciary offices only the one lender of services. With the growth of foreign commerce in the Rio Grande Do Sul, new industries, automotivas assembly plants, commercial importers and exporters, and other companies of similar activities appear as future customers in potential for the rendering of international logistic services, also called international load agents. We can cite enters the services given for this type of company: the management of aerial and maritime embarkments, the safe load International, customs clearance of importation or exportation and domestic transport for delivery and collection of loads. A research was carried through with the objective to identify the factors that take the customers to the fidelizao in a multinational company North American of this sector, with branch office in the city of Porto Alegre. The quality was evidenced that the fidelizao is based on the satisfaction of the customer, for which is basic. The price was in first place in the choice of the searched ones, followed for the quality in second, proving that this always is one of the most important criteria to be analyzed. Advantages in the act of contract of services with an only agent also are one of the characteristics of the customers fidiciary offices, therefore the trend of these is to consolidate its purchases with an only company. With the intention to get one better agreement of the necessities of its customers the company must be remained in continuous contact with it. Periodic research of satisfaction and a direct canal for suggestions or claims can be interesting tools for this return of information. Of this form it will be possible to evaluate with more clarity the questions to be improved or perfected for the lender of services in the search of the fidelizao of its customers.