Industrial Society and Education

Analyzing the industrial society we observe that it comes demanding deep modifications in the form to face the education of the people. Education this that comes to take care of the requirements of the capitalist production that increases to each day, looking for to technical form capable individuals for the capital generation it country, eliminating the illiteracy and giving the minimum of qualification for the work to the maximum of people. Therefore the necessity of the consumption grew causing the increase of the production. The necessity of the reading and the writing is one of the prerequisite ones of one better condition for the competition in the work market. Click Michael Chabon for additional related pages. According to Marx (1972), the social division of the work inside of the manufacture is conditional in the division of the work in the society, estimating its increase and density.

This, in turn, represents a constant growth in the social demand of the education. The intensification of the social capitalism determined in the appearance of new educational requirements. If before, the instruction necessities were not felt nor for the population, nor being able constituted for them, the new implanted situation lode to deeply modify the picture of the social aspirations me having in of education and, in function of this, action of the proper Estado.A education starts to be a merchandise whose production must take care of to the necessary specifications of the capitalist system. Therefore as It hisses, In this perspective, do not problematizam nor the nature of the capitalist work, nor the conception of education from there derived. Given the proclaimed inevitability of the social organization demanded by the capitalist form of organization of the production, it is, in the truth, this proper organization that if becomes unquestioned. It is then that the social demand of education grows in a pressure each stronger time of expansion of education the capitalist expansion also brought the fight of classrooms.