This reduces the effect of tempering. Take a sauna alcohol. Blood vessels, and already advanced, may expand to the threat of collapse. After the sauna dip in the pool is not flush with a sweat. It's unhygienic. Swim between going to sauna and after it. Water pressure can cause damage to blood vessels.

Comb your hair in the sauna. This is harmful for the hair. Chatting in the sauna. This is a place of relaxation, and conversation may interfere with people seeking rest here. The action of the sauna on the human body. The popularity of saunas because of their beneficial effects on organs and systems of the human body. The action of the sauna on thermoregulation. Thermoregulation is one of the main functions of the human body designed to maintain a constant temperature of the body.

The processes of heat transfer in the rate of a balanced and constantly flowing processes of heat transfer and heat. Temperature conditions in the body as a whole is constant. With increasing ambient temperature in the human body, the mechanism responsible for giving undue heat and prevent overheating. The main role in this process belongs to the skin. Human skin gives excessive heat primarily through sweating. The intensity of sweating depends on many factors, including including humidity and ambient temperature. The action of the sauna on the central nervous system. Ongoing observations showed that the 10-minute stay in the sauna improves motor response and improves coordination movements. After a 20-minute stay, these indicators are deteriorating.