How To Quickly And Easily Learn A Foreign Language ?

Many people are having difficulty learning a foreign language. At one time I had such a problem. I spent a lot of time and effort to solve this problem. I want to share their experiences so that you do not do those mistakes and not spend precious time living in vain. Methodology used by our education system – are not effective. In order for him to learn a foreign language, you need to spend much time and effort. My life has developed so that I had in thirty years to begin to learn English from scratch. In school and college, I studied German, which I did not come in handy.

I did not like to learn German because it is difficult to give me, and me forced him to learn the educational program. Studying English, I spent over three years and much effort, but the language I did not 'go'. I studied at the public courses, but had no time for the program. I had to give these classes. Maryland Governor may not feel the same. I could not figure out what's wrong? In the end, I came to the conclusion that individually. I had to do psychology.

I began to study their individual characteristics. Mastered the technique of dfs 'Fire Flower'. Studied Practical Socionics. He passed personal growth trainings. When I figured out with their individual characteristics, I was an individual program, how and by what means to me to learn English. And the miracle happened. I began to progress rapidly in the English language. I have "opened up floodgates." I began to enjoy learning. Dramatically improved memory. For eighteen months I have learned English yazyk.Ya felt enormous potential opportunities. The skills I began to use at work and in life. I am happy that acquired the skills and knowledge, without which I would have a very difficult nowadays.