A beer can in many ways. To get the true pleasure of this drink, you should keep in mind the following: It is better to drink beer from a smaller and more convenient vessel. The most convenient vessels – cups, glasses, half-liter mugs, jugs with a lid or small jugs of up to one liter. Most suitable for beer glassware materials – it's glass, porcelain, ceramics and tarred wood. It is not recommended to drink from plastic and metal utensils. The shape of dishes for beer can be varied, but within the vessels should be smooth and minimally dissected to beer could flow down smoothly.

Receptacle to be slightly narrowed upward. Beer does not make a mixture with any Added – which it loses its quality. It is inadmissible to add to it the juice, syrup, rum, cream, flavorings, cognac, whiskey or wine. You can not mix beer and differs in degree, or breaks down balance of flavoring ingredients. Beer – it is the drink of a specific nature and purity.

Mix it with other components, we deprive it of its typical properties of Beer the most delicious when served chilled, it is not more and no less than is required. The optimum temperature for the feed to the table-beer, plus 6-8 degrees. In any case, the temperature must be above 10 degrees and no lower than 5. At lower temperatures, flavorings components of beer are lost. A so-called turbidity from the cold, which is at a temperature above 4 degrees disappears.