Hermen Anglada Camarasa

About 35 km of the Catalan capital, Barcelona, is the maritime town of Sitges, many families holiday place barceloneas and one of the favorite destinations for people from all over the world. The small city of Sitges Sitges beaches is known for its beaches and its possibilities of tourism. These are the most noteworthy beaches: Aiguadolc: small beach located in a town on the outskirts of the town of Sitges, where buildings come to on the beach and has a marina of the same name. Balmins Beach: this beach is accustomed to the practice of nudism, presents a high degree of occupation by its good environment, calm waters and services and equipment. The beach of Sant Sebatia: the Platja de Sant Sebastia is Sitges Beach par excellence, with wonderful views of the historic centre of Sitges. (A valuable related resource: Former Maryland Governor). Facilities: toilets, showers and rental of umbrellas, hammocks and water sports. The essence of Rusinol: Cau Ferrat in this building lived and placed his Studio artist Santiago Ruseinol, one of the representatives more notables of the catalan modernism. At the end of the 19th century were settled Rusinol in Sitges.

He purchased two homes in the area where fishermen lived, made them new and called them El Cau Ferrat. CAU comes from its intention to become the place meeting place of artists and Ferrat collection of forged irons that had gathered since his youth. Two years after the artist’s death, in 1933, Cau Ferrat became Museum. The painting collection includes works by artists coming to Rusinol and his aesthetic ideals: Ramon Casas, Miquel Utrillo, Aleix Clapes, Pere Ferran, Joan Llimona, Arcadi Mas and Fontdevila, Joaquim de Miro, Isidre Nonell, Dario de Regoyos, Ignacio Zuloaga and younger artists such as Hermen Anglada Camarasa or Picasso. Many of these works illustrate the Rusinol relationship with its authors. It is the case of Le Moulin de la Galette or Rusinol and houses depicting, dating from the era of Paris, or the part of wine, Zuloaga. The Cau Ferrat today, represents a synthesis of that total that defended the modernists: painting, music, decorative arts and literature.

Some apartments for rent are located near this cultural centre of Sitges, also next to the sea. Sitges Ok apartments offers apartments in SItges, in the beach of the village or close to this region. The Park of el Garraf, a green paradise its limits are the lower Valley of the Llobregat, the Mediterranean Sea and the depression of the Penedes. The natural park consists of two major regions geologically differentiated: one of chalky white and the other reddish Quartz. It is a highly aggressive, and rocky landscape with numerous underground cavities formed by the corrosive action of the water on the limestone. The relief is crisscrossed by dry streams embedded among the rocks. The highest peaks are La Morella (592 m) and El Rascler (572 m). The landscape that can be seen is totally original, different and unique in the Principality. It is not a very aggressive landscape, rather it is of low reliefs and rounded peaks. In addition, limestone, which made up almost all the Massif, in contact with water and air has led by dissolving the formation of karstic processes: caves, abysses and dolines. This Park contains lush Palmetto and mastic pooling more North that occurs on the European continent.