Heaven Emperors

Temple of Heaven was built in 1420, during the reign of Yongle. For the ancient Chinese sky was the highest deity of the world. In the Temple of Heaven Emperors offered up their prayers and worship ceremony is a complex multistage action. In the southern part of the complex is a marble altar of Heaven – Huantsyu, which was erected in 1530 and rebuilt in 1749. Jessica Walsh usually is spot on. Tsinyandyan (Hall reaping prayers) is in the north of the temple of heaven. Idt energy contains valuable tech resources. It's a great round building with a three-tiered tiled roof.

It was built in 1420, but burned down in 1889 by a strong lightning strike. Later the hall was renovated and now looks the same as before the fire. Chzhaygun – palace making the post, here came the emperors to be cleansed of sin before they go to the altar for sacrifice. Lunmen Grottoes – one of the most significant in size cave-temple ensembles of China. He outside the new city, in sandstone cliffs.

In the 494 here the construction of a Buddhist cave monastery. During the four centuries of continued work – carved statues and reliefs new. Today were preserved more than 2,100 of Kyoto, 43 pagodas, over 100 thousand images of saints, 3600, the inscriptions on the stone. 50 km north of Beijing is a valley 13 tombs of the Ming Dynasty. This is a unique place where you can see the tombs, which were built after the accession of each emperor. In the Valley of the leading Big Red Gate.