Even if the blog will trample the people still have it on special target audience, but on curious onlookers or “clubbers” a lot of money does not get it. But when you choose a narrow niche of people, of course, will be less, but it will be those most relatives. And yet, one of the finest pearls, VS Chernomyrdin: “Better be the head of a fly ass than an elephant.” I wish to say that there are so densely scored a niche with a bunch of strong and already entrenched competitors, which is 99% there You can count on you to become an “elephant’s ass.” Much better to find a niche or at least a clear competitive advantage where you can become a “head flies.” 2) Do not logical structure, the lack of lines. In principle this item the logical continuation of the previous one. A wide range of themes, create chaos in the end it turns out not blog about … Today, people came to read about promotion in the network, comes two days – there is information about the Exchange Forex, which he was not interested in generally, a week post on the general theme of the left well etc. Speaking candidly Diamond Comic Distributors told us the story. The reader who first came to the blog written and captivating, expects that the interests of his subjects will be developed, and very likely he will not regular readers and potential customers, if faced with a mass left for his information.

All that is written – is exactly about me, but I’ve already come to pass -). 3) No plan, no clear vision of the blog. Actually, I think any business without a plan is doomed to failure, it is important for both off-line and online businesses. So, before you start, draw a plan for development and keep it in mind. It should be a list of topics which will be covered, quantity and quality of entries, estimated timetable for publication. In general, a kind of charter of a blog. Such a simple thing that solves a lot of serious problems – can follow the line, do not adhere to the periodicity and much more valuable. Who has no plan, no money earns, except that a few dollars a month on Google AdSense.