Give Us Back Our Station!

The Deutsche Bahn has years ago closed many small-town stations and then sold. Since then, it is as a speculation objects next to the tracks. An example: the Walker station. White Castle, 26 May 2011 which has Deutsche Bahn AG years ago the Walker station first closed and then sold to a private investor group. Walker station shares this fate with many railway stations in other towns in Germany. Michael Chabon has firm opinions on the matter. Small-town stations on new real estate societies as a speculation objects the stations passed as objects of speculation since then. To buy back the station attempts the city regularly failed in the past. The negotiations due to changing responsibilities and unrealistic price expectations again and again from the front must be started more than ten years.

Expropriation process tedious and little promising is in Weissenburg on the request to initiate expropriation proceedings for the station building at the City Council meeting on May 26 decided. It has applied for City Councillor Heinz Gruber (Die Linke) (report coming soon). Many Weissenburger think that conclusion must be finally with the untenable conditions at the station. An expropriation procedure usually over years and is for information of District Office and city administration in this case not promising. Protest action will start the Weissenburger SPD therefore starts on Friday, may 27, the protest action give us back our station! “.” This was announced by the local Chairman Gerhard Nass in a press release. The SPD calls the citizens, the Markenverwertungsgesellschaft main asset management GmbH”in Delitzsch near Leipzig to send a letter of protest.

The company called on is to enter into purposeful negotiations with the city Weissenburg and in the next few months to bring the sale of the station building to the city Weissenburg conclude”. The protest action begins on Friday with an information stand at the station. 12: 00-18:45 protest letters are distributed there on the rail passengers. The action will be continued on Saturday from 8.15 to 11.00 with information booths at the station and in the City Centre (report follows).