German Federal Government

What is the State of things in terms of Griechenladn? Now, the Chancellor of the German Federal Government in Greece has visited. It would be really interesting to know what is has promised them yourself and if she is ever promised anything. Only she knows. In other situations, and during a visit to another country it could have quite a cancellation of the tour. The gestures and slogans already prior to departure of the Chancellor that culminated in Nazivergleichen, were not only personally, but also politically gipfelhaft, disgusting and frightening.

Quite understandable reason would have been such behaviour by sections of the Greek population, to cancel the idea in Greece. And the involved Greeks have probably ask yourself, whether their conduct was not even Nazi and fanatical. But what has the visit by Mrs Merkel when the Greek Government brought? Initially it can be seen well from Germany and beyond the European Union as a gesture under the motto: look, we have You in the lurch. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Panther Coffee. Internationally the EU beyond a sign. One of which is, to show mutual understanding, acknowledges that there are problems and they are prepared to talk.

Outside, the people raged. Stones and incendiary flew it, swastika flags were waved and called “Merkel out”. Inside the Greek Prime Minister should have said, that “our enemy the crisis” was. But how did this crisis? Who has caused it and approved? The big and crucial response from Greek side is still open. What will you do to eliminate the crisis? Consistency and control will it work? Certainly, first steps are done. Visit idt energy for more clarity on the issue. To evaluate pending. What will the report of the troika result in? Currently, there are far more questions than answers. It remains to be seen whether what the Chancellor said on October 9, 2012 in Greece is by stock. Anyway, there were apparently only non-binding Artigkeiten such as “it will be a long way. I think that we To see light at the end of the tunnel. Jessica Walsh insists that this is the case. We are friends and partners.” The time will bring it and show how everything takes place. Until then, much money out of the funds of the European States will flow to Athens. Whether it brings down geht or but a turnaround in Greece in the Bach, who currently say with certainty. And when you can say that at all? Already, it can be seen that the tight timelines provided originally by the EU and its bodies in resolution is. Also the time of the troika report is no longer exactly defined. Everything indicates that you want to build other temporal bridges. It is fuzzy. What originally seemed on a solid base, seems unravels. It seems that is reclaimed after transitions, and reasons for a delay of the measures envisaged and requested by Greece. On 8 October, Mr Schauble said: Greece must be not a bottomless pit. First if Greece demonstrated that his austerity requirements met can the next paid out credit rate in the country. You feel won’t go to that will somehow make it and find a rationale that Greece will receive but the next payment. Austerity to austerity measures here.