In the period from 1512 to 1572 gg church was built, where pilgrims from all over the island in the hope of help and healing. Photo 8 in 1922. was officially recognized that the island is under special protection (!!!!) Dame. Every year on January 21 pilgrims from all over the island are sent to Iguey ask for a blessing. When it became clear that the old church could not accommodate all the pilgrims, a number have decided to build a new temple and … ..

in 1947 was announced an international architectural competition to develop a draft of a new church, which was supposed to hold up 3000chel. Two French architect Dunoyer Segonzac and Pierre Dupre won. The first stone was laid in 1954, and in 1965 found the main altar. In 1968 the building was decorated with magnificent stained glass windows made in Chartres. In 1971 the church was opened and declared a national monument.

The church is built of solid reinforced concrete, is not subject to local Tropical Cyclones. The huge 80-meter high arch of the temple is visible from afar, chimes – one of the most beautiful in Latin America. And although the ensemble of a few drops out of the total landscape, the church represents the architectural interest. The second -Church of Our Lady of comforter in San Cristobal (30 km west of Santo Domingo) – Nuestra senora de la consolacion famous not only because it was built on the orders of the dictator Trujillo, who was born in this city, but the fact that he was buried in her in 1961, but due to popular protest a few months later the body was taken to France.