Therefore, hardly a pediatrician, dentist or pharmacist, hardly a health care service and hardly a KITA maintainer or teacher knows this disease. Hardly anyone knows what a Butterfly child is, how it is suffering and how you should deal with him. Therefore will permanently hurt them: physically and psychologically. Butterfly children are often ostracized, suffer greatly and therefore withdraw. They are lonely, because they have learned that they rarely help get that hardly anyone understands how them and that the interest in them is low. Because you can earn money with you! “National service project: round table SchmetterlingsKIDS” Frank Kutzner wants to change this. Under most conditions Michael Chabon would agree. He has teamed up with his fundraising campaign the aid project of the international service club connected to the round table. Within twelve months of the 3,500 German members of round table want to build an interdisciplinary information and supply structure for the butterfly children.

You want to ensure that butterfly children immediately be integrated from birth in a system, which helps her family to deal with the situation and to get the best possible care. Basic idea is that the problems of Nina and the other SchmetterlingsKIDS not arise, because them their fellow human beings do evil, but because no one knows how it goes them. Therefore, Nina to get a butterfly primer and a butterfly coach. The primer is a great manual, in which all information are families prepared, which requires Nina’s environment for everyday handling. Also, separate brochures for parents, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, health insurance, KITA caregivers and teachers accompanying the primer which can pass on the family and thus adjust their environment on a loving approach with the butterfly children. In addition to this primer the SchmetterlingsKIDS should regularly receive support through the help project by specially trained Butterfly coach and volunteer nannies, who go once a week to the family of Nina and other Butterfly children.