It discovers How To become thin Eating Being Flexible and Intuitive You know what is the best way to get fat? " To be to Diet is the best way To fatten ". The scientific studies guarantee every day more what actually clinical it is evident: more 90% of the people who " someten" to Diets (traditional methods of control of weight based on controlling what it eats) they are not able to learn to control the weight and, the worse thing of everything, only are that great part of them totally reclaims partial express or the lowered weight; and all this without entering the details of the risks for the physical and emotional health that in many cases imply. Then, why to continue insisting on " recetar" something that knows of hand of so high percentage of failure. If we compared a diet to an investment system, what little yield we would obtain, truth? . If you are really interested in making a good investment of your time, money and health, you do not stop reading what comes next. It will surprise and you to you it will take at another higher level in your process of to become thin eating of everything Benefits To become thin Eating without prohibirte foods. To prohibirte nothing you will not obtain very important secondary benefits such as 1 – you will not pass hunger, 2you will not put in risk your nutritional balance and emotional, 3 you will avoid the feared effect I-I, 4 you will be able to design a so pleasant and rewarding nutritional plan as it is possible to you, 5 – you will learn nourishing strategies in the long term fomenting you rule nourishing healthful, 6 you will deposit realistic expectations in the feeding, 7 you will stop thinking about the food like first resource to fill your other personal emptinesses, 8 will diminish your " anxieties by comer" How to reclaim the thin person who is within you 1 Step: To be Intuitive at the time of alimentarte.