These days, important classification standard for the PVH the Club proficl@ss international e.V. celebrates its tenth anniversary. The coalition of trade groups and manufacturers associations, which represent together more than 2000 companies, is committed to the goal, to facilitate the product data exchange between manufacturers and retailers – mainly in the production link trade -. A classification system developed specifically for the target industry and a uniformly described set description can be used to unify and used by retailers such as e-commerce simplified enterprise-specific data structures is used as the basis for this. As in 2003, the idea of proficl@ss, product data exchange between manufacturers and dealers looked generally: wanted to publish products of a manufacturer a trader in his catalog, he had to the manufacturer first requesting the data, include them in the catalogue system and once again vote usually individual catalog pages one-to-one. The difficult and tedious it: because the data in Excel, by another in the special format of goods economy and by a third party as a graphic came from a manufacturer, the refurbishment, but especially the unification of product data was not only expensive, but also time consuming and expensive. This process was now radically improved with proficl@ss. Because all existing product data could be converted into the BMEcat-proficl@ss-Systematik and more and more manufacturers participated in the native data structure, the procedures for trade and the manufacturers were getting faster and easier.

The extensive conversion processes accounted for, the preparation of the catalogue was simple, reduced the voting. This was even more so as the proficl@ss-Daten stored at a dealer in a PIM-system could be brought also still just mouse click on the latest data, price, and description of jurisdiction. And also the benefits for manufacturers, which employ proficl@ss, grew. In addition to a fully adjusted data set, they were due to the advantages of the process for Dealers more lucrative. We can say today”, so Martin Reinke, President and CEO of proficl@ss international E.v., that proficl@ss has made not only the settlement between manufacturers and dealers, but also the manufacturers product data management even easier and more cost-effective. The now existing requirements of the shopping industry including the technical characteristics associated can be only met internally uses proficl@ss as the default for the own characteristic and from this derives the various customer requirements.” The originally developed data model, which has constantly grown and available in German and English, contributing to with. And yet an argument in favour of proficl@ss according to Reinke: after the harmonisation with eCl@ss, it is easily possible to derive an appropriate eCl@ss-Version from proficl@ss. Now more and more companies use Germany wide classified data after proficl@ss.

These come from the sectors OSH, Fittings, fasteners, equipment, electric tools, industrial technology, welding technology and tools. Reinke: Due to its many advantages, we are very confident that the spread of proficl@ss continues further. The use and the satisfaction in the market grows steadily.”proficl@ss international e.V. is a cross-industry, independent and neutral initiative for the classification of product data. Manufacturers, retailers and associations develop this classification as a common industry standard. Specifically geared towards production link trade in the sectors of construction, building services and industrial supplies, he should ensure that awareness and use of further spread. For this, including seminars, in which merchants like manufacturers are represented the benefits and advantages of the application and pointed out the differences to other standards are used.