Financial Comptroller

10. Management Assessment. A crisis must be a theme shared management level, so that is a team to provide and evaluate. Do not form crisis teams, forming teams and estrategiaa trabajo a . Remember, the crisis will pass.

Survive the organization better prepared and that they do not neglect the basics of your business. Case Study. Ciber a “2020a Ciber 2020 is a company founded by three graduates of a recognized business school. As two engineers and a manager decided to invest their savings in 2004 and 2020 train Ciber, a company which is a cyber cafe with space for restaurant, business book sales and rental of rooms small meetings. In late 2005 the business had already been billed over $ 100,000 annually and plans to open a branch in Plaza Merliot mid-2006. Ciber 2020 had its headquarters in an office building in the upper part of the Colonia Escalon, taking a large group of executives and college students.

The signing of two contracts with two renowned universities allowed to have a business and revenue base to face the year 2006. Had a total of 22 employees, including sales executives, customer service, administration, programs and services. The projected year-end 2006 was for $ 280,000 with a margin between 20-25%. In August 2006, Frederick, current Business Manager informed her other two partners (Rodrigo, General Manager and Amalia, Administrator), that two franchises and business were similar enough to be opened in three prestigious shopping malls. Additionally, a group of local entrepreneurs were recognized as partners that guaranteed them access to industry clients and students Ciber attended 2020. Behind this and also contracts with a major software providers and equipment a “said Federico. I suggest you immediately suspend the contract for the purchase of new computers and negotiate the contract for another place to open it but not until we see how it goes with these competidoresa a “said Amalia. a Creo that Web programming line we have started with the two systems engineers who are training should continue They put us in difficulty but we can see how to forge ahead. a “Rodrigo. But Frederick said, a Miren closed 2006 with profit, I think it’s best to close the business, and look like small cyber cafes have appeared and today we finish off these great.