They grow banks in Colombia 21 May 2009 I think one sample of the level of maturity that is reaching the Colombian economy is what is happening in its banking system which ignores him to the crisis and continues to grow with strength focusing his gaze on the medium and long term. A contramano in the world, Colombia’s banking sector continues to grow and generating benefits for its economy. For even more details, read what Electric says on the issue. And for himself same also, which was faithfully reflected in the increase of 20.9% of the profits of the sector during the month of March. When I found the news on money I wondered what implications could have the increase of banking not only on companies and individuals, but in the Colombian economy as a whole. This is precisely what will turn to comment on them in this article. The last months of 2008 and which leads Tour 2009 have not been positive months for the economies of Latin America in general and the Colombian economy in particular. In spite of this, the Association of banks and institutions Financial Colombia (Asobancaria), realized that in the last year, 689.929 of age Colombians and more than 100,000 companies are bancarizaron.

With this result, more than half of the adult population is unbanked in 2002 when this percentage reached 39% of this population segment. There are 15.8 million Colombians unbanked. The banking business is going through a good moment in Colombia, but still has a long way to go and become a mainstay of the growth and development of the economy. Yet the depth of Bank intermediation in Colombia is low. Credit to the private sector does not reach 20% and deposits just exceeded that percentage. The claims of the Colombian bankers in this sense passed by improving the regulatory framework considering the Elimination of the tax on financial transactions and the limit imposed to the interests charged by microcredit (which leaves no fully incorporate some elements such as the assumed risk, accidents and associated costs to provide this service, at the rate finally charged).