Finally: Only Top Leads Thanks To Label

Never again garbage! Broker from Hamburg ensures power leads now, 01.02.2010 – the market for address records of customer acquisition is less flooded currently leads to poor quality. This is because many service providers are trying, even business contacts from dubious sources such as online sweepstakes to win. Reputable brokers require new approaches the image of the agencies, the leads on the Internet generate, is seriously damaged by such business practices”, worries Ulrich Iven, formerly CEO at Financescout24 and now Managing Director of power leads. Often half of selling leads wouldn’t are viable.” Together with his partner Oliver Hanke, who has worked for many years in the financial services industry, has developed a new approach to iven, the generation of leads for the first time clear quality standards. Quality guarantee for business contacts for the customer this means: only if a lead successfully the strict five-point check by Power leads has undergone this lead is also sold. You could call that also the TuV for leads, because every single contact is checked by phone and personally? and both on validity and quality”, Oliver explains Hanke. Lead quality inspection by power leads: 1 address check 2 person examination 3.

contact data checking 4. product interest 5. contact readiness are all of these five criteria clearly met, a lead given the official seal of approval. “Reputable brokers benefit will this lead-TuV” of Germany’s leading lead agency of power leads demand not only from reputable brokers, but also by other financial service providers. Thus the Hamburger are once again setting standards and ensure far-reaching transparency on the market. Shopping security is of great importance for smaller brokerage firms. “Because they can not afford simply to buy garbage”, emphasized Ulrich Iven. Because whether a lead the necessary Comply with quality, the broker noted unfortunately only at the contact.

But until then, he has invested quite a lot of money and time. It is even more annoying, if he must realize that this contact for him is worthless. Should lead MOT duty bars are Dr. Christoph by Knapp, marketing solutions confirmed bridges in Hamburg: only with highly qualified leads and according to highly qualified centres more attractive business models can be developed. 100 percent reliable call permissions, as well as a cleaner and more transparent for the customer checkout process must be after latest court decisions based on these business models!” The new seal of approval can be purchased from power leads under prufsiegel@powerleads.