Fear Resentment

You have Fear to the future? tension in the mind is by general result of fear or resentment; this fear of that it can happen in the future or resentment than has happened in the past. fear it is expressed often by means of the wrath; solving to also protect itself it takes offensive. It alleviates your mental tension, qutate stress pardoning to all person who has made you damage. It pardons all person, to all condition, all situation that pain, anxiety or resentment have caused to you: It leaves all the past damages and perdnate same by all the previous errors. However, magical pages do not exist that overnight cure the upheavals of anxiety and depression.

This is not a page of the type ” Semana” cures its anxiety in one; , ” It overcomes its depression without esfuerzo” , etc., since all that is lie, because there is to work hard and during long time to be able to surpass these states. This is a page that it provides all one series of techniques that have demonstrated their utility in the treatment of stress using only its mind, but that they require of a firm commitment on the part of the person in to put them in practice so that in this way they can be effective. It has to be perseverante and not to hope to obtain great results of form immediate, since this is a work that there is to realise in the medium and long term but I assure that the effort is worth the trouble Everybody commits errors, perdnate same as you would pardon to another one. The error is not important, which is detrimental is the continued repetition of the error. Contact information is here: Bernie Sanders. I gave for same you: If I have committed an error; I will watch carefully so that no it is repeated: already I cannot to undo it, but I will remove some good from him.

Indeed now I I leave completely the past; it does not have to be able at this moment on me: I realize that kindness of life that surrounds the life to me me it has created and it can and it maintains to me; I trust her; life loves to me and love I it her; I have faith in her. I now I pardon, remainder everything sensation of resentment and fear; acceptance and I maintain a state mental of love, understanding and faith. I leave all violence or tension; I am relaxed; treatment not to manipulate world, no treatment to include the world as a whole by means of the force of my will.