Family Sponsors Help Our Starving Children

It depends not on money but better advice of parents since the economic crisis, we once again get more requests, as you could financially help children that morning do come with an empty stomach in the school, and no snack. The media often throw with misleading headlines to himself. It has also its good. Everyone wonders why there are starving children with us when the food supermarkets are packed and more goods before the expiration date given for free to charities. The problem has nothing to do with money. Also an Elena655 family today with the many additional benefits materially better there, as it did a few decades ago the normal family. The spending habits and information gaps of many families living on the breadline are the problem. Every mother is convinced that their child’s health is the most important priority in everyday life.

Only she can not always properly implement this conviction. There often take installments, car entertainment, television fees and new clothes so much away from the budget, that not enough is left for breakfast and snack. Problems with time management and agency contacts do the rest. Hear other arguments on the topic with Novelist. Many can or want to search didn’t help and advice in local public services. You have language difficulties or fear of too much control. They are but more private contact to someone who regularly visited them, listening to their problems and can also give some useful advice. There are such people.

There are the honorary family Godfather. About 2-3 hours per week visit her Godfather family. You are in about 100 German cities by local offices of the major welfare organisations. (Kinderschutzbund, Caritas, Diakoniek AWO). to families, conveyed to interested. Before you can use of the family Godfather, they are trained for several weeks in evening classes. You can find the contact details of the exchanges on our database under the category family. Most mediations are happy about every new candidate for This important and enriching volunteer work. Randolf Garcia, Chief Executive Officer sponsorships-Aktiv e.V., Munich e-mail: