Entrepreneur Introduction

In this full report we present the summary of the study that we perform for more than 12 years to a group of more than 1,500 small and medium-sized enterprises. For more specific information, check out Guitarist. One of the most impressive findings that we find is that there are thousands of small and medium-sized companies known as SMEs that are closed each year. It has made us believe that the main cause of so many closures is due to external factors that are beyond the control of the entrepreneur to start any business in particular. We studied the psychology of entrepreneurs for more than 10 years and compare them with the mistakes that are made in a small and medium business. Coming to the conclusion that all the problems faced by an entrepreneur in his business are not by causes external to the entrepreneur, are due to internal causes of, is saying that everything has to do with the mindset of an entrepreneur, his way of seeing things, their beliefs.

In other words, a small or medium business fails because his intention this wrong. In the manifesto of the entrepreneur, you can discover the 10 mistakes that are committing the 97% of entrepreneurs but that many do not have realized. All these errors are due to start a business with the wrong intent. Whether they are errors in marketing, leadership, management or sales the root of all evil is about to start with the wrong intent. There are two marked differences in businesses that are successful and those who are left with the passing of the years. 1. When an entrepreneur starts its business only by pursuing a business opportunity almost certainly that this business lasted only a short time.

This approach of pursuing an opportunity, since many entrepreneurs climb the ladder of success to realize, at the end when they already reached the top, they were supported on the wrong wall. Others lose until socks for pursuing an opportunity to clearly them this screaming is not viable. 2. When an entrepreneur starts a business, by building a real business, is when you can succeed, since its goal will not only be money, but contribute to improve this world into something very specific. This second classification, We are entrepreneurs successful at the beginning will not see the differences, since as you’ve seen these two types of entrepreneurs when they started they have little money, nothing about customers and eager to succeed. But as the years go by, you will notice that the second type, begin to protrude little by little, to position itself as a leader in your market. The question is do these only pursuing opportunities or really want to build a real business? If your really you want to build a real business, begins by knowing which are the mistakes of 97% of entrepreneurs, by having started with the wrong intent. This manifesto is for all entrepreneurs committed, who are starting a business or want to improve the business that already has. Download it is free in the original author and source of the article page