This is particularly prevalent among college students, as students – it’s always the poor people. I decided to test this method. Because I’m at master’s (sixth year studying the subtleties of the economy), then I have a lot of friends at the university. I began to offer friends and acquaintances to update your account on your mobile phone. The result was not long in coming. First “Deal” I made on the eve of the university. And then went went.

By evening I had a “real” money. I brought them up to 5.15 hryvnia for one dollar. Briefly summarize: 1 – Cashing in by mobile phone – 5.00 hryvnia for one dollar, 2 – Thanks for the “transfer” – 0.25 hryvnia, 3 – Cost of service to transfer money from one account to another – 0.10 hryvnia, 4 – Official withdrawal from course Rupe – 4.80 hryvnia. (5.00 + 0.25 – 0.10) – 4.80 0.35 Total I saved 35 cents, or 7 cents a dollar. Through a couple of days I was again filled up by a mobile phone, and again the electronic money with the Rupa were converted to the Ukrainian hryvnia for just two days. And with the fat.

Total of $ 20 that I brought with Rupa, I made the “extra” $ 1 40 cents. This is just for beer and peanuts:) Could someone find me petty, but it is purely your personal opinion. I was not used, and will not squander the money, whether $ 1 or 40 cents per $ 100. And what other way I will bring money to Rupe to 5.15 hryvnia for one dollar in one day without any extra effort? If you know the best way to contact me. I am happy with it familiarized. At the moment – it’s the fastest way to convert money from Rupe in Ukrainian hryvnia. I will continue to use this method to print money. I have not had a chance, so I do not “convert” at least $ 5 a day. Of course, when the amount of my earnings increase (and what you want), I’ll have to look for another way to withdraw money. On the other Ukrainian and Russian mobile operators can not say anything because they do not know them. But now you have a fertile ground for experimentation. It is only by experimenting, you can get ideal.