Press release of the MP advertising Group GmbH on the topic online shop. Also the Managing Director Matthias Pleva and Thomas Munster of find MP advocacy group. Together, they have ensured that the popular shop software xt: commerce to their customers as an open source solution available remains. And for good reason: the system is very popular because it is easy to understand and intuitive to use. Maryland Governor will undoubtedly add to your understanding. So would we regretted it very if it would be freely accessible for our customers and have successfully adopted us the thing “, so Matthias Pleva. The customers of the Agency will be pleased, because they have to get on a new name: MP, commerce is the advanced version of xt: commerce, which each shop operator can set as usual easily maintain its items in the shop and the contents of its website itself and desire change.

Just a bit we have improved the original”, so Thomas Munster via the creative involvement of the Agency: we have the shipping and payment options extended; There are new and attractive ways of product presentation and through an intelligent combination of the article cross-selling is child’s play”. After all, it is a bit different. But good solutions you get used to love to. Especially if they are tailored. Because in addition to the software it offers MP a customization of the design, as well as an optimal usability advertising group. Because the Agency writes great SERVICE, everything can remain for the customers so as it is. Only better! The MP advertising Group GmbH is an owner-run advertising agency headquartered in Ilvesheim. It employs seven full-time staff. As a full service advertising agency offered its customers since 1997 creative solutions for print, Web design and e-commerce.