Neither dares to share me your plans or your dreams, or forge a future and us. It will be that you were very busy working for the future, and in the future we would see what we would be. The future is, what is in the present, if today was just someone who walked after it, in the future would still be that. I should be who was going to your side, to continue being a your side tomorrow. Little we had in their hands to give us, and although it was not a good sign we continue walking until I fell behind, and you do not viraste your eyes nor I dried your hand to encompass us. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dr. Mark Hyman. Now, you’re so far away I can not reach you, and to tell the truth, I stopped my walk for a long time and neither you unkindly.

Did you know that I took home my clothes? I already removed my mobile your photo, that I stopped calling you followed and already forgot our lyrics? I imagined that not you had you noticed in those small details, although out of habit I still say: love. Yes, I know that it is waiting for you Mr Duarte, and that it is a very important customer. Neglected, you don’t take any more time, as a very busy man cannot lose it. I prefer to think that one day you wanted me; I like to think that one day we went something; I would like to think that you guardabas my photo in your wallet and that night you dramatically with me, one day you cared for me in the same magnitude that you worry about your papers; one day did the most important call of the world, and that call was directed to me. One day I wanted to take the place of your Laptop, because it flag your attention; be your mobile to have your lips constantly near mine no matter the time or place. One day I wanted to be so many things, and none of them went.

What you want from me?, is your question. Because I don’t want anything. Everything you always wanted to was to you, but at this point everything has changed. You never were for me, and I never went for you. Throughout the day I asked myself: how to say? Do I tell that already do not love it? I think that with all this, it is enough and too much.