Dress Guidelines In Schools

Should you introduce not a kind of “Dress Code” in schools? The theme dress code is always considered a point which splits the minds. Because of course there is also the pros and cons of such a decision. In this article, I will try to see whether it would be useful to introduce a “dress code”. It would a sensible thing, intended to introduce a dress code, because only such exclusion could be avoided. Again and again it’s to hear the children about various brands to maintain primary school age.

But why do the parents so anything at all? Probably, because they want to evade the pressure, and I think they would do a favor to their children. But how the children can deal with money, then at some point anyway, if they get small on everything what they want? In addition, the most expensive brands such as Esprit are child labour. Anyone interested of course, but if you time to think about it, it is just unfair. that this brand clothes then sold for so much money. And the children who have to work yet not even so much money, that they can have a roof over your head? Just because a brand name stands on the clothes this but justifies not the overpriced prices anyway.

With me at the school, there is the division between French – and poly-technique classes and you can number clearly, which students of any class. Also can this be seen very well, that is with us close to a high school. Out can be seen from very far away, from which school which students are what is really sad. You just hold, notes that many people define themselves only to have the inner values simply be pushed to the side, where I would like to say that all high school students were the same, that it occurs in our two schools, I can not tell unfortunately as it is at other schools. The students should perhaps finally realize that means a trade mark does not equal anything better, because if you have something, then you can’t see with most brands eh, whether this is by Tommy Hilfiger or H & M. Quite apart from this, H & M is also a brand, only perhaps not necessarily one of a pair of trousers costs just over one hundred euro. My conclusion is that it is important that pupils should learn General Finally, it arrives on something else, and I say this like, even though I am student myself, because I would not define me about my have or not to have, since this way is simply to superficial me of alleged friendship. So a dress policy would be useful on the one hand, but on the other side it would not change always still the behavior of students, because the clothes would certainly continue to be at the forefront. November 16, 2009, Desiree-Sophie Lepell