Direction And Achievement Of Goals

When we talk about direction in any aspect of life means having an orientation and clear path to the path that we must take, in literal terms sounds simple and easy to apply but when we talk about personal goals the task can be a little more complex it appears. Success begins with the vision, desire and perseverance, a people without vision perish the Bible says, when a person has no set powerful goals is enclosed in a routine of conformism. We all have dreams, but there is a problem, much discipline is required to bring about changes and most of the people tend to accommodate in certain situations, goals require serious commitment and is made an agreement with the subconscious mind as Andrew Corentt mentions it in his book the secret of the power of the goals that the agreement with the subconscious mind is not easy? The difficulty is that the subconscious mind does not work just as the conscious mind, one of the characteristics of the subconscious mind is the function with images and emotions coupled with the fact that it takes some time record certain information. Many people feel as if the world falls them above every charting determined goal, what happens here is that the mind is always fear of the changes, the more drastic change is greater resistance will mind, perhaps a person has 25 years of have a deeply rooted idea about a topic in particular, then it takes some knowledge and decides to change the original ideaconsciously that person now has an understanding of that topic, but at the subconscious level information is subject and does not want to be modified. Action is necessary because it convinces the subconscious mind, helps the previous idea go disappearing and in this way may eventually replace it, why the insistence on the new idea, in our goal, in our desire must be permanent.