Currently, the confusion is very great. In general, one of the attitudes (literary or pedagogical) has predominated on the other. From there the excesses and the mistakes that proliferate in certain more recent infantile productions, that disclose books that in the place to be amused, as they are intended, are dull fools and, or then, they are broken up and meaningless. To know more about this subject visit Martin O’Malley. Or still they are overloaded of information corretssimas, but that, undressed of fancy and imagination, in place to attract to the young it drives away it reader. The productions that with rare happiness obtained to equate the two terms of the problem show a literature to amuse, to give pleasure, to move and that at the same time, it teaches new ways to see the world, of living to think, thinking, to act, to react mainly if shows conscientious of that it is for the invention of the language that this basic scienter is reached. Literature contemporary, expression of the changes in course and that, far from intending the exemplaridade or transmission of defined values already or systemize, it searchs to stimulate the creativity, the discovery or the conquest of the new values in management.

With all this quarrel many professors if lose in the use of infanto-youthful literature in the classroom, the use of inadequate methodologies and texts that if show to many superiors or inferiors to the linguistic level where if they find the pupils. At last, between these two polar regions, are oscillating the current production of literature, remain the writers to become conscientious of the operating forces in its time and to conquer the ideal fusing, since true felt of a pedagogical action that is more than what to teach the little that if knows, it is to be of promptitude to learn vastness of what if it does not know and the literary art is one of the ways for this learning. . For more specific information, check out Martin O’Malley.