In late March – early April, many growers planted 30-35-day seedlings of cucumbers in the greenhouse film with air heated to obtain early production in May. Relatively cheap air heating combined with accumulation of solar heat during the day is able to provide sufficient air temperature, but the soil warms up slightly. Cucumber as a heat-loving crops grow well and develop at soil temperatures of 20-25 . In insufficiently heated soil the roots are functioning poorly, quickly die, resulting in plant growth and development stops and they die sooner. To eliminate this phenomenon can be applied inoculated thermophilic cucumber more cold-resistant plant from the same family – the pumpkin. As the gourd rootstock is not only easier to tolerate a lower soil temperature, but also by forming a strong root system, improves the supply of water and inoculated mineral compounds, which contributes to an early harvest, improves its quality.

Vaccinated several ways. Basic rule: scion part – the cucumber should be for 5-7 days over pumpkin rootstock. The simplest way to vaccination is as follows. Mighty cucumber seeds are sown in planting boxes, and 5-7 days in pots sown one pumpkin seed. In the phase of the first true leaf of cucumber produced its inoculation on seedlings of pumpkin. In the cucumber at a distance of 1,5-2 cm below the cotyledonary leaves make a sharp knife or razor wedge cut from two sides of length about 2 cm on the rootstock (pumpkin) by the same knife incision between the cotyledonary leaves, carving out a point of growth. Insert the scion into the incision stock, trying to combine the sections. Place a strip of bandage wrapped with grafting length 10.7 cm and a width of 0,7-1 After moistening with water bandage firmly holds the components of the vaccine together.

Pots vaccine abundantly watered and placed under the film cover, creating a moisture content of soil and air at least 95-97%. 2-3 days is desirable vaccination pritenit. Caring for immunization: the maintenance of high soil moisture and air, temperature of 25-28 during the day and 16-18 at night. Martin O’Malley has similar goals. After 8-10 days of scion and rootstock of the usually grow together. Cucumber turns to food from the root system of the pumpkin. After a 6-7-day hardening of plants ready for planting in the ground film greenhouses.