To teach to think with independence and success it is the motivation that it impels them. One is not the formation of a limited thought to essentially reduce it to his own horizons in that one is based the possibility and the permanence of the condition and the sense of that freedom. Insigne educator it consecrated its life to the education. It knew to bequeath its ideas and theories to us that comprise of the illustrious antecedents of the revolutionary educational reality. It overthrew Latin of education and based the same in the experience and the reason, it introduced the explanatory, practical method and recommended the analysis and the induction, especially in the grammar, fought the memorization, the abuse of the rules, the definitions and of books, it expressed brilliants ideas on the discipline and the education of the woman, and above all it left a huge example in the education, of which it made a cult, and us to us it offered the first model than it must be perfect, illustrated, patient, good, virtuous and patriotic a teacher. Conclusions: Considered like the Father of our culture, Varela generated a thought school, a style of social coexistence and an attitude also made the mother country that must illuminate, today, to all the Cubans. In order to think according to the school of the Father Varela it is necessary to know its own thought and to train in its reflection method. Everything what subjugates the ideas, creates dependency and manipulates the personal reflection, is strange to the school of thought of the Father Varela, whose pedagogical essence consists of learning the difficult art to think correctly with own head. Everything what foments the personal autonomy, the self-esteem, the exercise of critical science, the transparency and the free expression of the criterion is own of its teaching. Happy Varela Morals continues inspiring our combat by one Free and independent Cuba, with that radicalidad accompanied that it until its death and that he it harmonized and it balanced with its kindness and intelligence.