Crown Princess Margareta

Shrub with lush green foliage mat, with the scent of flowers tea roses. The height of the bushes about 120 cm William Shakespeare 2000 Wonderful smell of old roses and unusual form of carmine-red flowers make this the most spectacular variety of David Austin roses. Because of abundant flowering shrub height in the first year vegetation reaches only 70 cm, height of an adult plant of 110 cm LD Braithwaite One would think that red roses are no longer in vogue, but this sort of refutes the prevailing opinion. It impresses with its gustomahrovymi, bright red with a crimson hue flowers, unusual in the background a light gray matte foliage. Shrubs about one meter. Evelin Comparatively low shrub (in our case, rather, virtue – better perezimuet) dotted with large old-fashioned "flowers with a strong fruity aroma – the color and smell of a ripe peach! A powerful wave of re-flowering distinguishes this variety even among the modern roses. Mary Rose strongly dismisses the notion of a long "childhood" ostinovskih varieties – begins to bloom very early.

The flowers are rich pink color of this ooze the most delicate honey flavor, unlike most varieties of this group, with a strong odor. The best of Austin roses wider color range – a task that sooner or later faces the breeders of any group of plants. And roses – is no exception. "Company" color ostinovskih roses, of course, apricot. No one else has been achieved in this spectrum of delicious shades. Especially good are the flowers of light colors are more saturated in the center and brightening to the periphery, such as the Crown Princess Margareta, Grace, Pat Austin, Graham Thomas, Evelyn. All gardeners want to quickly see the roses bloom, which is planted. And roses Austin give us the opportunity – in his first season, many varieties of flowers are magnificent show.

But if you do not succumb to the temptation and do not let the roses bloom in the first summer, or to remove at least some of the flowers, the bush will soon reach maturity and better prepare for the first winter. Preparing roses for winter Austin. Mature shrub reaches the third or fifth year, so if you want to get an immediate effect, plant the roses is not one, but, for example, three (the so-called buketnaya landing). In this case, the lush bush you will receive the following season. In addition, a group of shrubs overwinter better than a single plant. When planting roses place vaccinations bury in the ground at 3-4 cm graft may subsequently to form their own roots, although the main roots will remain in stock. In the winter dry land bush hill at a height of about 25cm – it will help keep the kidneys. Austin Rose – Shrub with a big powerful runner. Bend down shrubs such risky, and shelter for the winter before they cut. Of course, with an annual pruning shrubs can not reach the height specified in the catalog, but compact shrub looks even better: the heavy flowers are not "ruining" it.