Simple and suggestions will prevent practical it with some dangers that intimidate to their capital. Next, the main risks and recommendations. If it is disorganized in the administration of the expenses of its home or, simply, by minim hurries at the time of an investment that is, can be threatening its resources. To learn the distinction between necessity and desire will be fundamental so that it begins to organize the finances of its house. Aside from feeding, house and clothes, the cats of health, security and transport, among others, will be added to this type of basic economy. Most of desires are directed to the acquisition of objects in relation to their material quality. For example, the technology implementation outpost in reproducers of music, computers and telephones, has abierto a new mercantile world within the consumer society. Threats added value that will have to consider is the way to make decisions.

Generally, if it is hurried or it does not grant the necessary time to them, its expenses they would increase of such form that will be difficult to him to control them. Under those conditions account will occur, to a great extent, if it is or not a compulsive buyer. Also, he is recommendable, before carrying out any type of considerable purchase according to his economy, to consult to different people with aim to assure so much the trustworthiness as the practicidad the product. Evtese debts To prevention way, the following one is an enumeration of advice simple with aim to maintain it remote of all class of economic crisis – personal: It plans his obligations by means of terms to short and long reach: it bsese in the money that it will spend to the month and, as well, divides equally it per weeks. Once it knows how much it can save, considers the amount by every thirty days.