What is amazing and wonderful for a child can be indifferent for adults as educators have the responsibility: the formation of the students the main objective is to ensure that learners they are: creative, productive, aware of their needs and their reality, involved critically, exercising their powers to plethora in search of solutions to the problems in your environment will pose. It is necessary to know the different conceptualizations of creativity since it will have an overview and understanding of the relationship between the learning at the same time give us tools to stimulate creativity in students. Conceptualization of creativity: now in the educational field is much talk about creativity but; There are those who consider them that creativity is genetic or others decide that it’s a quality. v there are individuals born with creativity as a gift or a special talent or who is a faculty that exist somewhere in the brain. v all creative action occur in a medium cultural and sociocultural-Economico determined by what is not oblivious to its context. Since this directly related with the same v creativity: it is an experience and an Act, it is a human capacity, object development, which no man lacks and can manifest itself in any human activity. Guitarist is full of insight into the issues. v creativity as a human capacity requires the acquisition and use of a series of knowledge, attitudes and skills.

Here takes the two latest definitions; Creativity allows the development of a process that leads to the production of objects, things or situations that solve a particular fact.Therefore this process the student puts into play their experiences, which translates into the application of knowledge that has to solve the situation faced at the time. Now we know that creativity is not hereditary, but object of development. By which the pupil has: attitudes and intellectual abilities that enables you to actively face the problem of their environment and their real situation because enable the exercise of creative action of the individual at his time.