Filled data, the next step is oenvio to the SEFAZ. This transmission will have to be made by the Internet. The informaesso validated and the sender receive a key from access. This necessary key estarna DANFE that will be printed in common paper and will have to follow the merchandise. Everything soon! Note emitted, validated emercadoria in transit for the customer. Clearly, if all the remaining portion will be certain.

Digital Ocertificado, for example, needs to be stored adequately. It como a signature with recognized firm. That only digital. Any person to quetiver access to this archive can, for example, vender the banking company or fazertransaes. To define as and where to keep to this precious resource demandaum good planning.

Another point that requires more attention with electronic aversion of the NF-e says respect to the used information nopreenchimento of forms. Before, the paper accepted everything. It was to possvelinverter a number of CNPJ or CPF of the purchaser, to emit the note and to liberate amercadoria. Later if the ratification provided. Already the systems eletrnicosrepudiam notes with data as aliquot of collect of incorrect taxes or nmerode State Registration. Inconsistencies are not accepted. It still has the question of the Internet. Despite it withhold grown in 10% in July of 2009 in relation to the previous and fond month a33,2 millions of users (residential and commercial), not yet is of fcile so steady the access to the net. In Manaus, for example, the fiber handles ticaainda had not obtained to transpose the River Amazon. Of a city in the edge, sinal transmitted by radio for the amazonense capital. This is not more confivelsistema. if does not have Internet, does not have note emission, transport neither demercadorias or sales. It imagines the damages. The project of the Federal Prescription is innovative. It will bring improvements of processes, especially for small the average; reduziras frauds, with the creation in more and better ways it treasury department to follow fiscal asinformaes. But also it will make with that many companies who to noconseguirem to adapt themselves to the new scene lock up its activities. Electronic the forma bill of sale brings changes queenvolvem technology, processes and people. The companies need to inquire themselves and to seajustar quickly. who not to adapt itself, will not go to survive.