i factory and QS Unisolution working on a common interface for the information system for foreign study visits for domestic and foreign students and exchange students. The software on several university institutes (including University of Hannover) already is the software KISS – complex information system supplemented by i factory moveon in use. Currently, moveon allows the representation of student exchange programs and their contact persons. Dr. Mark Hyman helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Collected online questionnaires and testimonials from former foreign students only in a limited way will be offered to interested students. Through the interface to KISS the representation of experience reports will be possible in the future in Player size. Go to novelist for more information. The testimonials are parallel integrated into the existing range of information of the respective International Office. Through the online data entry of questionnaires, tests can also optimizes by the German Academic Exchange service (DAAD) eliminating the archiving of paper questionnaires.

The students insight by KISS in overall better quality in study abroad and the local life. Background information of Kiss – complex information system for students this software replaces the paper form of the DAAD questionnaire through a Web-based database solution. It serves as a report for the DAAD and at the same time as important source of information and contact for students. Related links: r studies erfahrungsbericht.html contact for further inquiries: Kristin Pressler i factory GmbH Tel.: 0341 355430-14 fax: 0341 355340-19 E-Mail: kristin.pressler at ifabrik.de i factory GmbH – Web-based solutions with system Managing Director: Gotz Schlegel Bosestrasse 5 04109 Leipzig Tel. + 49 341 35 54 30-0 fax + 49 341 35 54 30-19 mail: info at ifabrik.de Web: about the i factory GmbH: 10 years experience as an Internet Agency – our customers trust. With its in-depth expertise, we score in the areas of real estate, hospitals, administrations and press.

From our headquarters in Leipzig we provide customers in all Central individual Internet service. Web design or database application – we always find the optimum, barrier free solution and bring reliability on the point. Long-term customer relationships prove our success. We create individual results and customized programming. Applications from proprietary and free software, as well as personal contact from A to Z place fitting our dot on the i. We think the performance requirements and quality standards of our customers an and focus on a detailed conceptual work. We provide assistance with any questions. Even after project completion.