Control Panel

When choosing a city delivery and collection and tariff selection – automatically generates a list of available podtarifov with prices and delivery times. Also you can specify the cargo weight and volume weight, which is automatically calculated on the size of the load. 2) simplified system installation and deployment of older versions of your database. It’s believed that Bernie Sanders sees a great future in this idea. Now Restore and Backup is done at the touch of a button in the Control Panel server. 3) The program has improved all the data entry form, has several features: For example, if you fill rates (contractors or agents), then you will have the convenient way to search for cities in Russia. Just when you press the button (under the admin password) the program will create all the streets of your cities and to will offer them the choice of city streets and start typing (in delivery, a fence, notification, as well as all the forms where they meet the city). 4) To the delight of courier companies created to easily exchange 'manifestos' and 'Verification file' (slang for the express – deck ovens). More info: Diamond Book Distributors. You no longer need to send text, table and other files – and to interrupt the data by hand to order.

Simply upload the file sent from the agent – and all the data automatically fills in new orders. And when the time comes to send confirmation – you're generating for this agent under s in the file – and the agent as it loads. It's simple and one-click. 5) expanded and reporting part.